South Asian Studies (SAST) Courses currently offered:

SAST 1152 / REL ST 1820 / ARHA 1230: Introduction to Asian Arts (every other fall)
SAST 3200 / REL ST 3200: Hinduism (every spring)
SAST 3230 / REL ST 3230: Buddhism and Environmental Ethics (every spring)
SAST 3240 / REL ST 3240: Buddhism of South and Southeast Asia (every fall)
SAST 3490 / ANTHRO 3490 / ARHA 3490 / FILMS 3885: Indian Cinema (every other fall or spring)
SAST 4630: Sanskrit 1 (every other fall)
SAST 4640: Sanskrit 2 (every other spring)
SAST 4790 / ANTHRO 4790: Culture and Society in South Asia (every other fall or spring)

Related courses of interest for South Asian Studies:

REL ST 3260: Hindu Goddesses (every fall)
REL ST 3270: Yoga and Meditation in the Modern World (every spring)
REL ST 3000-level (permanent course approval in progress): Tibetan Buddhism (every other spring)
WGST 2030: Gender in India (every other fall or spring)